Gobu only costs money when it brings money to your business. If no-one books there is zero cost. It literally could not be lower risk.

Using stripe (the apps payment partner) there is a 2-day rollout period. When new money comes in, it takes two days for it to reach your account.

We do not currently plan to make any changes to the fee structure. If there comes a time when we consider making a change we will have an honest and open discussion with our partners and customers before going ahead with any change.

None, Gobu takes a fee when a service is completed. Until or after then we charge $0

Gobu only makes money when your business makes me money. We take a slice of each transaction customers make through the app to cover merchant fees and keep the app running.

You will not be charged any money, but you will have points deducted. Each business starts with 100 points, when you drop to certain pre-set amounts they come with penalties. (30 day ban, less smart booking requests are sent to you, etc)

No, Gobu will sync with your current booking software and calendar.

A customer who doesn't attend their appointment will be charged a cancellation fee, which will be shared between Gobu and the business. All customers have credit card details attached to their account before they can make a booking.

We apologies for any inconvenience. Please check your Stripe account and if unresolved please do contact us at 1800 46 46 28.